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WSM (Wireless Security Module) [20981-3]

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WSM (Wireless Security Module) [20981-3]

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WSM (Wireless Security Module) [20981-3]


In these days, as more and more people use smart devices, Wi-Fi device is defined as comprehensive concept of various electronic equipment like smartphone, tablet, mp3 Player, navigation, NAS, printer, black box.
Also, as Internet of Things(IoT) emerged recently, we can watch many wireless threats. They not only cause spam message spreading accidents from smart home appliances with previous wireless vulnerability, but also damage business and whole society.
It is important to prepare alternative we can feel relieved enjoy technologies with complement successive developed technologies.
WSM module is a wireless security module that wireless security technology applicable everywhere is integrated with our N4Engine.
▲ It can defend MITM attack by applying ARP, DNS Detection and ▲ can compensate AP itself by checking vulnerable Firmware Version(iptime, D-link Model) of AP that device is connected beforehand. ▲ It helps smart device use wireless network safely with wireless network use algorithm wireless threat detection function and 3 stage verification are applied. Ultimately, it makes users with IoT, hardware, or smart devices that your company developed perform tasks effectively because they can use safer wireless network. Now safety module for safely connecting local area network is at a development stage besides 802.11 module.

WSM(Wireless Security Module) minimum Spec

Support Language : C, java
Support OS: Android, Linux, Windows
Support WIDS(Wireless Intrusion Detection System) Hardware : WiFi Monitoring supported Wireless Lancard, Wireless USB Dongle
Support WSM Module Device : Android, Window, Linux, Hardware(AP, IoT, Smart Device)

Superiority of Technology

N4 Engine
It can prevent MITM attack that can happen in the case of AP connection beforehand, trace and check wireless attacks around by applying wireless attack detection technology.

3 Stage Verification Algorithm
Before and after connecting to AP, it can detect fake AP during communication through 3 stage. It classifies AP types(3G-4G Wibro AP(EGG), etc.) by referring MAC DB algorithm itself. After the connection, it can check whether current connected AP is altered or not with algorithm based on connection history. It also defends MITM attack with the minimum battery demanding.

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